How we guarantee business process improvements

At R&G Global Consultants we assume nothing. We thrive on questioning the status quo to trigger insights and grow fresh ideas. We challenge paradigms and ways of working to ignite acceleration. Our committed client teams let data speak and guide your employees to the next level by profound learning. We believe in sustainable change and we excel in innovative processes and solutions. We speak a common language of transparency and change. We bring personalization and passion to our partnerships. We focus on your results and excel in implementation.

  • Accountable partnerships
  • Inspiring insights
  • Accelerating results

“Digital Transformation needs a Data-Driven culture”.

Aart Willem de Wolf Managing Partner CE


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R&G Global Consultants is proud to work for an increasing number of international clients in a wide variety of industries. Our consultants are well known with the challenges within verticals like food, chemical, manufacturing, energy, plastics, chemicals and wholesale & distribution. Recently our client teams have been deployed successfully at:

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