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Press Release

Argon & Co welcomes R&G Global Consultants 2nd Feb, 2021.  Argon &…

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A company’s decision-making process is essentially its beating heart. Pumping the permissions and instructions to execute plans throughout the organisation. Blog
Myth busting #5/5: Changing our culture doesn’t require a change in decision-making structure As I conclude this 5-part series busting myths around the challenge of... Read more
Superwoman Blog
Myth busting #4/5: Leaders must always demonstrate perfect behaviour Company culture, by definition, is something which permeates through every level and... Read more
Skif rowing Blog
Myth busting #3/5: A self-contained culture training programme will do the job As we reach the midway point in this 5-part series busting myths... Read more
Different levels Blog
Myth busting #1/5 : Of course we are aware of our own culture Company culture. It’s always been there. But now everyone is really waking... Read more
Herding Cats Whitepaper image White paper
Company culture: Mastering the Art of Herding Cats Influencing behaviour at every level to improve process and business performance The... Read more
Connecting people with data Blog
Digital Transformation needs a Data-Driven culture

Get started via 5 key principles Even though Big Data, Data Analytics…

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