Author: Erik Tieleman

(Digital) Culture eats (Digital) Strategy for Breakfast

A recent study from the Boston Consulting Group, of 800 senior executives…

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sustainability Blog
Sustainability of results starts with digital visibility!

How data driven leadership leads to sustainable business results. Sustainability of results…

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Quote Robert McNamara about planning and execution Blog
The real reason Integrated Business Planning fails

In a volatile market which demands shorter lead times than ever before…

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Museum gallery with extinct breeds Blog
Supply Chain 4.0 – Will the Supply Chain Leader soon be an extinct breed?

A key concept that many (retail) companies are embracing and implementing is…

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Formula 1 car driving on data Blog
What Supply Chain Leadership should learn from Formula 1

As a Formula 1 fan, I was recently enjoying the Canadian Grand…

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African American Businessman Playing Golf on Skyscraper Rooftop Blog
How to improve your business swing: operational excellence lessons from the golf course

Recently, the grand final of the PGA Tour and the race to…

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From big data to valuable intelligence Blog
Refine big data to valuable intelligence

They say big data is the new crude oil. In its natural…

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Cover white paper M&A White paper
Great ingredients do not automatically make a great dish How poor strategy execution impacts on value creation in mergers and acquisitions... Read more
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