The mother of continuous improvement. Our consultants have been trained by Toyota in Japan, have worked at Tier-1 suppliers as Process-Quality-Production Managers, have consulted in the truck and farming equipment industry. They have also, which is less seldom seen, advised top US and Japanese car manufacturers on Lean in their dealerships and a top German car manufacturer at its Import and Service Centres.

How can R&G help

R&G helps its automotive clients in two ways: first by adding Six Sigma and Change Acceptance to the traditional lean culture mastered by all key players in the industry. The power of combining data analysis with physical observations adds a new dimension to the improvement methodologies that are widespread in the automotive industry. Secondly, we help expand the Six Sigma culture outside of the factory, throughout the entire value chain up to sales and service in the dealerships.

Biggest impact

In any established process, there are ‘noble certainties’. Beliefs that belong to the organisation about how things work and what is good practice. These paradigms define the status quo and are a significant barrier to any change. Challenging these paradigms requires:

  • a strong leader, and
  • a rigorous data-driven justification.
  • Not all paradigms are wrong – but they all need challenging to make it possible to identify opportunities. We can help with this challenge!