Basic metals & Nonmetalics transformation

Our knowledge of this industry comes from the direct experience and involvement of our partners and senior consultants in some of the largest steel and aluminium transformation companies in the world. This unique benefit of R&G’s model of hiring experienced consultants only, gives us direct experience that ranges from running pan-European restructuring and productivity programs, managing plants, implementing TPM with the very first waves of training from

How can R&G help

Our methodologies are well suited to these generally low-manpower operations that demand a high level of process automation and control. Energy and material management is always a high priority, and it is vital to be able to control these quantities at their design points. Any process variation (whether it is inherent in the process or introduced by operators) is a huge barrier to this control. R&G is an acknowledged expert in process variation and optimal production systems, and we can advise you on your actual performance relative to your process entitlement.

Biggest impact

  • Take a step back from the day-to-day production and look at what your operation produces compared to what it should produce. We can help create that analysis and generate a plan of how to eliminate the gap between the two.
  • Our process improvement projects will address the issues structurally thus securing a low level of variation that will guarantee stable operation.
  • Finally, we will draft a comprehensive control plan that will focus on sustaining the improvements.