R&G Big Data Services are all about enabling you to achieve the business results you need within a shorter time-frame. We do this through leveraging big data to connect process, people and information. Noticeably impacting the speed of your success.

We implement connectivity in your supply chain, instil capabilities in your people and increase accountability in your leadership.

Our work starts with digging into your databases, with a laser-sharp focus on detail. We then apply our unique capabilities to unlocking your data goldmine and revealing the insights which are relevant to your business. This provides transparency and opportunities to view from different perspectives. By bridging these perspectives with data to enact change, we shift your paradigms on process performance by using granular insights based on process variation. Using everything learned along the way, we drive behavioural change on the job, at all levels.

Companies which have adopted the R&G Big Data approach have achieved significant tangible results.
Our big data capability improvement solutions inspire people to implement targeted solutions and to sustain the ongoing cycle of improvement, so that strategic goals are reached. Our integrated Daily Execution (IDEX™) and Operating Systems Implementation methodology enable your people to make fact-based, structured and systemic decisions on where to focus and how to perform profound root cause analyses.