What is CAP (Change Acceleration Process)

Change Acceleration Process creates the conditions for a fast, significant and sustainable cultural change in any organisation. In the equation E = Q x A (Effectiveness of a Solution = Quality x Acceptance), the A is mostly underestimated. CAP helps companies to grasp from the beginning all those critical aspects needed to make ideas permeate all organisational layers.


The true value of CAP is when the team is struggling with a change that does not bring the desired level of improvement and for which the organisation is neutral/mildly supportive – certainly not enthusiastic. CAP can identify the issues, the disconnects and the barriers, and it can put a set of actions in place to fix/eliminate whatever is the problem. Everybody has an example of a project where the implementation was not successful. CAP can remedy this earlier in its development and turn the project around.


  • Ideally the elements of CAP are monitored throughout the project to prevent any significant issues from impacting the results of the progress.
  • If issues do arise and progress slows then regrouping around CAP and spending time looking with the team addressing whatever ails the project has a huge effect in rebooting the commitment and restoring the progress towards the project goal.