Your business needs

Improved and sustainable business results will only be possible if the behaviour of the leaders and employees is supportive of the change. It is R&G’s core belief that true behaviour becomes visible during execution. The desired execution behaviour is derived from and linked to the desired business outcomes. It typically translates into a higher level of accountability, for individuals, teams and organisations.

Our answer

In order to achieve results and make them sustainable, Change Management questions will need to be addressed. In R&G’s approach there are two levels that need to be addressed. First of all, the generic change in management aspects, like what is the burning platform, what is the change vision, etc. This approach is covered by our well-established Change-Acceleration-Process (CAP). Secondly, individual and team behaviour need to be addressed and attuned to the desired outcomes. R&G applies the concept of accountability behaviour to make people aware of the desired individual changes. In the end, 80% of the change is behaviour, so it must be addressed. Other tools, like Kaizen session and Operating systems will support this behavioural change.