What is Data-Driven Leadership

Data-Driven Leadership is a skill which enables organisations to improve connectivity between the business and its processes, products, services and customers through optimal leveraging of data. The outcome of which is improved prioritisation and resource allocation, fast-paced decision making, focused actions and reliable process execution.

A Data-Driven Leader drives accountability and is focused on building data culture to achieve business impact. He or she connects people with data to implement better decisions, steering teams away from opinions, cognitive bias, groupthink and self-censorship towards hard facts. Typically with a background in beta-gamma-sciences, a Data-Driven Leader makes use of cutting-edge data tooling to deliver tangible business results in the short term and continuous improvement opportunities in the long term.

At R&G, we deploy Data-Driven Leadership to provide an outside-in perspective of your business process. Combining our powerful improvement methodologies such as Stable Ops™ and Stable Supply Chain™ with your data, we focus on Digital Leadership, change management, skills building and delivery of tangible business impact. All packed into one clear offering.


By providing the appropriately skilled people, customised tools and education your business needs to realise optimal Return on Data, we deliver key insights and analysis results within weeks instead of months. And we equip you to move forward, either utilising our people or learning from them to continue on your own.

  • Our consultants have a solid engineering background in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Operations, Financial management (P2P, O2C) and other transactional processes.
  • Our dashboard visuals support variance thinking and are based on unaggregated data to foster accuracy and precision in improvement methodology. This radically sets us apart from most traditional consultants and Business Intelligence tools that use aggregation of data, averages and high-level KPIs.
  • Our dashboards, visuals and way of working are transferable to your organisation to support continuous improvement.
  • Our data-driven tools are cloud-based and need no support from your IT-department.


  1. Leadership and Teams connect around a single shared digital view of the Business.
  2. Sustainable change, even after R&G projects have been completed.
  3. 50% reduction in data cleansing time to find opportunities for improvement.
  4. 70 – 90% higher utilisation of data; Improved Return on Data.
  5. Secure and GDPR-proof Digital Consultancy.
  6. More customer satisfaction, cost reduction and margin improvement
Data Driven Leadership process