Your business needs

Hiring highly skilled Data Scientists in order to up your game when it comes to leveraging data for improving Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Operations is a logical enough move. Yet many organisations still find the much-anticipated results don’t emerge, despite this costly human resource investment. There are several reasons why:

Incomplete skillset
There’s a very high likelihood that the Data Scientists being recruited aren’t at all knowledgeable about the specific processes and engineering that the data they’re working on relates to. Simply because such people are virtually non-existent. This means they are completely unequipped for effectively putting the data to use.

Insufficient input and tools
If data extraction is insufficient due to lack of tooling or ability in using tools, Data Scientists don’t even have the information they need to get started. And if they aren’t equipped with appropriately capable visualisation tools, (i.e. tools purposely built for the job), they can’t perform to the best of their abilities. (For further explanations see Starting Digital Transformation.)

Lack of guidance
If Business Leaders are not equipped with the Digital Leadership skills needed for managing the teams in which Data Scientists reside, as is very often the case, there is a critical disconnect between Data Scientists and Leadership. This usually results in the highly paid Data Scientists ending up on a treadmill of churning out reports in response to business requests, instead of unearthing the game-changing insights and P&L impact they have been hired for.

Our answer

We enable you to harness Data Scientists’ abilities and put them to work the way they should be. We do this by sending people who possess the necessary skills and knowledge into your organisation, where they work together with your Data Scientists and Business Leaders to discover where your opportunities lie. We also provide suitable tools for extracting, blending and visualising your data, so you’ve got the right raw materials to work with.

R&G’s origins – we emerged out of General Electric – means our consultants are that extremely rare combination of being Data Science Experts with a deep background and experience in engineering for Supply Chain, Operations and Manufacturing and other transactional processes, such as purchase to pay. They understand how your Data Scientists think and know how to extend their knowledge to incorporate the engineering and operational aspects which are so vital to their work. Meanwhile, our Digital Leadership consultants work with you to discover and implement your data-driven improvement opportunities, while enabling your Leaders to themselves become Data-Driven Leaders.

We deliver immediate impact by leading your teams, and leave a legacy of transformation through transferring our abilities to your people. So you can continue to fully benefit from all your data has to offer.