Electronics & High tech

The product life-cycle in the electronics sector used to be measured in years. Now it is probably 12 months maximum and, although it is hard to imagine, it will get even shorter. This time cycle compression has set the bar incredibly high for many companies. R&G is seeing more and more requests for support in reducing product development cycle time and improving manufacturing capabilities. The problem is compounded by the financial imperative to source components globally – the longer communication lines across borders do nothing to help response times. For the product development and manufacturing processes to step up to today’s business challenges they need to have flawless execution and produce no surprises. Business Process Excellence and nothing less!

How can R&G help

There are two main areas where your clients want our help. The first is in the product development cycle to compress the cycle time to commercialization but also to reduce cost (both product and development). The second area is in the arena of product quality and product testing. High tech processes do not necessarily have low defect rates and high yields, and when this is the case you have to get into 100% inspection. R&G can help with process investigation to get to the root causes of process defects and product yields.

Biggest impact

The earlier we are involved in the design stage the more we can influence the product quality and testing outcomes. There are some issues that are due to substandard manufacturing, but the majority is related to the functional spec, the process design or the manufacturing equipment. Every process design requires a certain manufacturing capability. If the chosen equipment does not possess this capability level – delays will follow. Production problems can be highlighted during design and quickly solved. Trying to solve them after commercialization is much more difficult. Let us help bring rigor to your development process.