Food & beverages

We serve our Food and Beverage clients by combining their technical mastery of product development, recipe improvements and drive for meeting consumer demands with our Outside-In customer metrics and wing-to-wing process analysis and our detailed observations.

Over the past 7 years we have experienced a perfect match between our clients’ constant search for improved product quality, process safety, and productivity — as a response to increased material cost and supply chain complexity — and our innovative methodologies for process and supply chain enhancements and new product development.

How can R&G help

R&G provides ample experience in the food and beverages industry. Transport and distribution often entail specific requirements such as refrigeration, which makes the speed and effectiveness of the supply chain of utmost importance. Expiration dates are also an issue that other sectors do not have to deal with at the level F&B has to. Particular issues present in the sector, such as product contamination, gushing or other problems, such as inefficiencies, require precise and rigorous tools to be solved, such as Design of Experiments (DOE). Changes in the prices of raw materials and products, and lack of control over this, must be offset with cost control initiatives.

Biggest impact

  • Offset market/business financial pressures by implementing a sustainable, ongoing productivity program.
  • Understand the market demands for flexibility relative to your system constraints. Design your processes and get organized around providing what your customer needs — not what you believe you can afford.
  • Provide structural solutions to your biggest (reoccurring) problems that consume your time and energy