Free consultation for Covid-19 disruption

Jacqueline Westmaas
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The global Covid-19 crisis is having an enormous impact on Supply Chains and Operations. At R&G, we want to play our part in helping the world through this troubled period.

Keeping Supply Chains and Operations flowing smoothly
We are therefore offering free consultations to companies who are experiencing dramatic changes in demand, supply and availability of personnel. Our aim is to help you achieve optimal performance, to safeguard your business and keep the wheels turning for all the customers who rely on you.

Our Data-Driven experts are on standby to support, advise, mentor, coach and guide you through:

  • Peak demand management
  • Personnel reduction
  • Demand downturn
  • Understanding Big Data analytics and Process Mining

Remote guidance, wherever you are in the world
R&G is the No. 1 Supply Chain consultancy in The Netherlands (MT1000, 2019), but we operate all over the world. While we are known for our personal attention and hands-on way-of-working, we are also highly experienced in providing remote guidance. We are rapidly adapting to the Covid-19 crisis by ramping up our ability to deliver remote service.

Here to help everybody
This non-conditional offer is open to all, whether you are an existing R&G client or not. Please contact us on +31 20 24 00 274, or via the form 
Contact person: Jacqueline Westmaas

All requests will be treated in confidence. Free consultation is subject to availability.         


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