Your business needs

In an effort to capitalise on the digitisation promise, many organisations invest heavily in cutting-edge analytics tooling, perhaps retrofitting machines with sensors and devices to speed up physical processes and changing production standards. Despite all this, the intended tangible gains are still not achieved.

It’s even quite common for implementation success and adoption rates in Enterprise Resource Planning, Manufacturing Execution Systems or Data Warehouses to plunge, while lead times become more lengthy and costly. Leaving customers unsatisfied and often angry about failure to reliably deliver.

How can such a commitment to improve fail so spectacularly?

Technology vs people
Because it involves technical tooling, the Business Analytics process the technology has been introduced to assist is typically treated as an IT project. Everything is thereby entrusted to the data tools. But these are only one side of a more complex story.

Tools are nothing without the skills to use them properly and the understanding of what they need to achieve. If you get the tools, you also have to train the people and connect them. And all too often, this human aspect is being neglected.

Our answer

We’ll ensure your priorities are in balance by properly integrating your people into the picture, using Data-Driven Leadership to facilitate change management and impart the necessary accountability and capability to improve processes.

By shifting your thinking to be in Business Process terms rather than IT terms, we empower you to get your tools serving the purpose you purchased them for.  This bridges the gap between business and IT and enables you to transition from dashboard development to in-process real-time analytics.

The outcome is the improved focus and faster decision-making and execution you’ve been looking for, through making optimal combined use of your data, your tools and your people.