Technological advances in healthcare happen at an amazing rate – the newest imaging devices or applications for genomic sequencing – and there is no end in sight. Other changes are having great effects on the industry, such as the advances in process and information management that enable hospitals and medical care centres to be more productive without sacrificing quality of care. Having medical data stored electronically gives us the freedom to rethink how best to organize the outpatient and emergency care facilities. Communication technology provides new options for remote disease management of chronic illnesses. Medical billing projects are also becoming more frequent with the technology to produce complete, accurate and timely invoices. Technology and process management together work for the benefit of all the healthcare stakeholders, patients, medical centres and insurance companies.

How can R&G help

R&G with its Business Process Excellence products can be a strategic partner in redesigning both your internal and patient-facing processes. The technology exists but it needs to be incorporated into the physical world of healthcare in order to work with your organisation to achieve measurable outcomes in both patient care and productivity. Lean methodologies are becoming the norm in healthcare where the focus is on eliminating non-value-added activities and redirecting these resources back to the core value-added work.

Biggest impact

  • Start with a quick scan of your operation. We can identify where the opportunities exist and what it would take to realize these either individually or collectively.
  • VSM mapping is the second step that will bring into focus where efficiencies can be increased by eliminating non-value-added activities. This is also where we need to involve your team and get their buy-in for the solutions.
  • Finally, we move into the planning and execution phase, where we ensure that the changes are seamless and verify that the changes have no adverse effects.