What is Ideal Lean Factory Design

Ideal Lean Factory helps production organisations optimise the layout and flow of both existing and new factories by combining the best Lean techniques for plant layout and flow with the best Six Sigma quantification and modelling including for the variability and the peaks in the processes that cannot be levelled. It challenges the flow of material, inspection, QC, release, project, engineering, shipping areas with the best Lean eyes.


Ideal Factory is a great labour productivity driver – by changing the layout of your plant to reduce waste and idle time and by making the job of your operators easier and more ergonomic.


  • Ideal Factory allows you to consolidate plants, to reduce waste space and energy, to increase labour productivity and to reduce fixed costs.
  • For a new green-field factory, it reduces the space of the factory by 30% by reviewing its layout and flow, and it reduces the construction cost by almost the same number.