What is IDEX™

Every core process in your business requires an operating system to steer towards the goals and become a learning organisation. IDEX™ is a practical methodology and tool that involves and engages all levels in the organisation, a strong driver for execution of work in line with operating rules and daily reaction to deviations. At the same time it is a key instrument for encouraging people to study, improving the current way of working and promoting sustainability.


The direct impact of bringing more rigor and consistency into the daily execution is that more activities are controlled in line with plant operating procedures and priorities. The system is very visible to all participants (leadership & operations personnel), and as such it enforces individual and team accountability for the agreed actions. The indirect effects are seen in all aspects of the operation where IDEX (or a hybrid) is introduced by the team themselves to channel activities and to get a firm commitment for action.


  • The results are dependent upon the project for which IDEX™ is being implemented.
  • When the resource level determines the number of activities that can be undertaken, IDEX™ has a very significant effect on the speed of implementation and the scope of the work that can be started in parallel.
  • Leadership participation in IDEX™ is not only an important contribution, but it demonstrates support in a way that the team experiences and values.