Improve your On Time Delivery Performance Part 2

Keith Bestwick
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How to win customers and influence the(ir On Time Delivery) improvement… through reliable world class supply chain performance.

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In this 2-part blog series we will ask and address the 4 Killer Questions to measure and improve your OTD On Time Delivery that every Supply Chain leader should ask, but some are still are afraid to..

The first 2 Killer Questions are available in Part 1 of this blog series.

Killer Question No. 3
What one thing do I need to fix this week to delight my customers?

What is my “Dent” of the week – and what do I need to do to fix it? A dent is simply a repeated Supply Chain delivery failure, whether recorded at the customer end of the chain or upstream with internal Supply Chain execution.

Measure performance real time, capture the dents, describe the dents, and remediate the dents.

If a “Dent” is a deviation away from your performance target – then pick your 3 Dents per week and fix them, do not stop until they are fixed and fixed for good.

Every Supply chain will demonstrate delivery “dents”. What is not negotiable to not know that these performance dents occurred, and further not be able to give them at least a first level assignable cause.

2 different performances have the same OTIF score (95%) but 2 very different customer realities.

Using the data and mining across all of your ERP / WMS / LMS / CRM / Order Entry systems to get the visibility (at order level) you will see what what is happening in the Supply Chain real time both upstream and downstream – you do not need to wait for Block chain to do this for you, the data is already there, stitch it together put the right visuals on top, bring the insight and remove the hiding spots for all of your performance Dents.

Killer Question No. 4
What barriers do I need to remove to help my people to get s**t done?

We are now in the world of the digital native – In this new arena, it is your role to provide the resources & capacity, brains, tools, systems and budget to get the job done with the highest business impact to maintain your competitive advantage, that somebody else is more than happy to take from you.

  1. Give Capability
    Technology: Awareness and access to the many SAAS improvement platforms
    Data: Put the management around, and process behind using your data well
    Process: Connect the people, the process with the data
    Change: Given the right insights, decide and execute the improvements in scope
  2. Change / Eliminate the performance limiting beliefs
    How many of these do we hear day to day “Our IT is not fit for 2020”, “We don’t trust our data”, “We need a new ERP system”, “It and the Business don’t work well together”…..if these are your limiting beliefs today, they will be your limiting beliefs tomorrow and every day
  3. Build a common improvement approach and language
    Set the heartbeat of business improvement the (right) Data should drive the (right) Analysis to bring the Insight that leads to the (right) Decision enabling (effective) Execution to bring the Business Impact
  4. Enable the democratization of data and improvement
    Create the roles, give the skills, give the capacity, and set the pace, direction, and ambition of change – the heroic leadership syndrome of old, needs to say old.

Create the Ecosystem that will inspire your team to maximise their performance everyday – give access to, and build capability in the vast array of Cloud Based SAAS providers….the cost gets continually lower, and there is simply no need to wait for your next ERP implementation any longer.

Ask the 4 Killer Questions, and act on them every day, you will take the dialogue around OTD (On Time Delivery Performance) & your supply chain to the next level.

Stable Supply Chain is a core methodology adopted by more than 200 multi-national supply chain organisations.

If you would like to know more, easily schedule a call or read more about OTD Performance and our methodologies Stable Supply Chain and Data Driven Leadership.

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Keith Bestwick is Partner at R&G Global Consultants, located in United Kingdom.


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