• Certified Master Black Belt  GE
  • MSc Engineering & MBA
  • Master Industrial Design
  • 18 yrs experience in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Project Implementation


  • Manufacturing Director, CAPSA Food
  • Project Manager, GE
  • Circuit Breakers Plant Manager, GE

Back in 2004 I joined Piet van Abeelen to found R&G Iberia. Before that time I had the opportunity to travel the world working for General Electric, where I learned to observe things from the standpoint of the customer. I realized that every single process in business follows certain rules and those rules are not so different among processes, whatever industry you work for, whatever country you are in. I also understood that people’s behaviour influences the outcome of any process. Customer, processes, behaviour… that is what I enjoy helping our customers to understand; the path to achieve excellence starts with the customer, goes through controlling business processes, and becomes solid when organizational behaviours are changed.

Excellence starts with the customer, continues by controlling processes, and it solidifies with behavioural changes in the organizations.”

Horno nº7,  Ático 33206 Gijon Principado de Asturias, Spain Tel: +34 984 196 746