Medical & pharma

R&G’s partners have been associated with GE Medical Systems and Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics and Janssen Cilag. This direct experience at large healthcare players gives R&G the insight and the experience of this fast-changing industry. Today R&G continues to serve the medical industry through its involvement in a family-owned, now private equity led, global biological company where R&G leads all the operational improvements, IT roll-out and standardisation and integration of acquisitions.

How can R&G help

Adaptability, fast growth..are definitively competitive advantages but pursuing these advantages without the proper organisational mechanisms to ensure consistency throughout your company might be a luxury you cannot afford. We have ample experience in standardization of business practices throughout any business.

Introduction of new or improved products with the right functionalities faster than competitors is definitely an advantage. If your industry is pharma and you face new regulations that will end up reducing your margins you can count on our experience to adapt your cost structure and prevent that from happening.

Biggest impact

  • Improve your organisational efficiency and standardise business practices and ways of working.
  • Achieve flawless and in-time execution on New Product Introductions (NPI).
  • Perform productivity projects that systematically increase or protect your margins.