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Opportunity analysis

Context In spite of achieving increased volumes and perceiving themselves to have…

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Why Lean Thinking fails to generate Business Impact

In recent times, we have been coming across an ever-increasing number of…

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Quote Robert McNamara about planning and execution Blog
The real reason Integrated Business Planning fails

In a volatile market which demands shorter lead times than ever before…

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Continuous Improvement training: a waste of time and money?

Ah, training. The magic bullet that makes everybody work better and guarantees…

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Setting and realising optimal pricing

Challenge One of the world’s largest producers of float glass asked R&G…

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

How the R&G team ran 204km to raise funds for charity Imagine….

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The Price Is Right – so why are you still getting it wrong

Astonishing discrepancies in the cost of insurance policies for new vs existing…

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White paper
Why TPM pillars so often fail expectations Establishing the missing link between business process and pillar performance Faith in... Read more
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