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tortoise and hare start to race Blog
Is your production line suffering from tortoise and hare syndrome?

As a consultant at R&G, I spend quite a lot of time…

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Smart nerd teacher substitute lecturing class with text book Blog
Why Operating Rulez!

Recently I attended the training ‘Finance for non-financials’. I found the difference…

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blue network News
Review of the Manucore Supply Chain Leadership Conference

Watch our review of the successful Manucore Supply Chain Leadership Conference held 5-7…

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White paper
Industry 4.0: The huge data flood is on your doorstep Your survival kit for staying afloat In a raft of publications and... Read more
chaos in directions of lanes Blog
Is chaotic data reporting ruining your insights? Fix it in just one day!

Data-driven decision making is highly valued. After all, if hard facts are…

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Businessman holding diagram cloud Blog
Six Sigma: the difference between significance and relevance

Six Sigma can do magic tricks with statistics. Statistical tools are used…

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Supply chain performance
Get your shop floor organised blog IV

In one my previous blogs, I provided a bird’s eye view on the…

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Profile picture Chris Beckers Blog
Get your shop floor organised III: are you ahead or behind?

In my previous blog I provided a bird’s eye view on the…

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