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Continuous Improvement training: a waste of time and money?

Ah, training. The magic bullet that makes everybody work better and guarantees…

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detail of glass building Client experience
Setting and realising optimal pricing

Challenge One of the world’s largest producers of float glass asked R&G…

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Finish photo R&G Stable Run from Goes to Gert Blog
Where there’s a will, there’s a way

How the R&G team ran 204km to raise funds for charity Imagine….

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The Price Is Right – so why are you still getting it wrong

Astonishing discrepancies in the cost of insurance policies for new vs existing…

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White paper
Why TPM pillars so often fail expectations Establishing the missing link between business process and pillar performance Faith in... Read more
Becoming a lean, mean, business impact machine

As referred to in our article “Healthy appetite for Data or Reporting…

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two bare feet on scale which says HELP in display Blog
Healthy appetite for Data or Reporting Obesity problem?

How bad data habits damage your bottom line Having completed the first…

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Melting globe into water Blog
What can we learn from the world’s struggle against climate change?

Global warming is a widely accepted fact, with devastating consequences that the…

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