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drawing of two business persons saying to eachother "Our dashboards are so advanced, they automatically filter out the bad news". Blog
Lies, damned lies and Big Data

(from Mark Twain; Lies, damned lies and statistics) The film “Minority Report”,…

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R&G Global Consultants named MT1000 Best Service Provider for Supply Chain Consultancy 2019

R&G Global Consultants, a company dedicated to business process excellence, has achieved…

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Process Optimisation & Automation: RPA “bookmakers” are stealing your money and crucifying business performance

The technological advancement that is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) first arrived on…

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partnership News
R&G partners with Celonis to further enhance Data Driven Leadership offering

R&G Global Consultants is pleased to announce it is now a certified…

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Stable Ops Client experience
Higher volumes within shorter lead-times

Context Our client is a world market leader in the production of…

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Solitary carton of milk in a white fridge Blog
Inventory replenishment. Three reasons your numbers might be wrong

You’d think that inventory replenishment for established MTS portfolio items would be…

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Connecting people with data Blog
Digital Transformation needs a Data-Driven culture

Get started via 5 key principles Even though Big Data, Data Analytics…

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Analysis paralysis Blog
How to avoid Analysis Paralysis

Nobody wants to be responsible for making bad decisions. In the quest…

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