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Daily Habits Blog
Daily observations feedback; an uncomfortable driver for behavioural change

Behavioural change in organisations… we read, consult, meet, agree, invest, kick off,…

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Museum gallery with extinct breeds Blog
Supply Chain 4.0 – Will the Supply Chain Leader soon be an extinct breed?

A key concept that many (retail) companies are embracing and implementing is…

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Formula 1 car driving on data Blog
What Supply Chain Leadership should learn from Formula 1

As a Formula 1 fan, I was recently enjoying the Canadian Grand…

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cliff hanger Blog
So you think you’ve mastered data-driven leadership?

I recently spent a couple of days at the Manucore Manufacturing conference,…

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Interview with Aart Willem de Wolf News
Interview: How to create business impact with data driven leadership Too often, more data adds more complexity. In this Manucore #pointZero video... Read more
Shop floor operators and managers discussing workflow Blog
Getting your shop floor organised part V: do we solve our daily problems?

In my previous post 4 quick checks to get your shop floor…

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Firefighters fighting fire Blog
Stop the fire-fighting through Sub-Process Analysis

Whenever I visit a company I make sure I connect with operators…

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tortoise and hare start to race Blog
Is your production line suffering from tortoise and hare syndrome?

As a consultant at R&G, I spend quite a lot of time…

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