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(Digital) Culture eats (Digital) Strategy for Breakfast

A recent study from the Boston Consulting Group, of 800 senior executives…

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Everything will go back to normal… yeah right!

Approximately a year ago, we started to realise how small we are….

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Own Your Error Scrable Blog
Why forecasting is a nightmare.

Roughly Right or Exactly Wrong? Why are we still forecasting? For many…

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Press Release

Argon & Co welcomes R&G Global Consultants 2nd Feb, 2021.  Argon &…

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change management Blog
How to measure new behaviour

The secret of change is to focus all or your energy not…

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virtual reality goggles factory Blog
Are you leveraging virtual tools to the extent leaders should?

Have you converted your leadership style from Analogue to Digital? Just like…

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modern punk rock rebels Blog
Punk Rock Change Leadership volume 2 – Data Driven Leadership

Do you know the connection between W. Edwards Deming and modern-day punk?…

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sustainability Blog
Sustainability of results starts with digital visibility!

How data driven leadership leads to sustainable business results. Sustainability of results…

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