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A company’s decision-making process is essentially its beating heart. Pumping the permissions and instructions to execute plans throughout the organisation. Blog
Myth busting #5/5: Changing our culture doesn’t require a change in decision-making structure As I conclude this 5-part series busting myths around the challenge of... Read more
Superwoman Blog
Myth busting #4/5: Leaders must always demonstrate perfect behaviour Company culture, by definition, is something which permeates through every level and... Read more
Jack Welch News
In memoriam Jack Welch

The legendary former leader of GE, upon whose principles R&G was founded…

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Skif rowing Blog
Myth busting #3/5: A self-contained culture training programme will do the job As we reach the midway point in this 5-part series busting myths... Read more
Different levels Blog
Myth busting #1/5 : Of course we are aware of our own culture Company culture. It’s always been there. But now everyone is really waking... Read more
Safe beacon in stormy business weather Blog
What to do when storms mean business Storm Ciara, which wreaked havoc over northern Europe last weekend, causing travel... Read more
Herding Cats Whitepaper image White paper
Company culture: Mastering the Art of Herding Cats Influencing behaviour at every level to improve process and business performance The... Read more
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