Oil & gas

Over the years R&G has acquired vast experience in oil and gas through process improvements and sustainable changes in exploration and extraction of oil and gas resources, midstream refining and transporting and distribution of oil, gas and petroleum products. R&G has worked jointly with major oil and gas drilling companies and technical oil field service supplying companies such as drilling rig operators and tool suppliers.

How can R&G help

Due to continuous demands to further reduce costs per barrel of oil, non-value-adding proportions in production and back-up processes have been identified and eliminated. Inventories of high value spare parts were reduced, cash-flow and working capital have significantly improved.

Biggest impact

  • The high-throughput, high-capital cost plants need to produce safely, reliably and at the optimum operating cost point. Yield, stock loss and energy are key inputs into the equation.
  • The technical processes need to be at the optimum set points and the organisational/human processes no less so.
  • Correct decisions made at the right time using the right metrics and up-to-date information. If you feel too much is decided using subjective judgment, then give us a call!