What is Organisation redesign

With most improvement projects, there is a behavioural element that is just as important as the technical changes. Sustainability issues can always be traced back to the behavioural side; the technical solutions remain operationally the same. The organisational design needs to be re-tuned to elicit a different set of behaviours that will be far better aligned with the improved state. This redesign focuses on three areas: the work (HPSD – High Performing Self Directed work teams), the results (team and individual accountability), and the way we work (values-driven decision-making).


Sustainability and Accountability are essential to any improvement program. The old status quo is just the manifestation of what the organisation feels comfortable with. Redefining (redesigning) the organisation creates the opportunity to introduce new concepts and institutionalise them. Changes in the rewards and recognition structure, for example, are essential to introduce a different set of values and norms.


  • The scope of the change dictates the level to which the organisation needs to be fine-tuned.
  • It varies from the single project that may need just tweaks to the org structure to the longer-term transformational projects.
  • The latter are aimed at organisations where the status quo is just not sustainable from a business perspective and change is no longer a ‘nice to have’.