Paper & Pulp products

In this capital-intense industry, with high dependency on raw material availability and energy costs and drastic supply chain challenges, the balance between integrated capital-intense upstream operations and downstream flexible operations is key. R&G has proven solutions to improve asset utilization, service, supply chain, working capital and procurement. Key cost drivers are the correlation between energy cost, output and raw material instability.

How can R&G help

The industry has been subject to some integration conditions requiring, among other efforts, a more efficient cost structure. Energy consumption is one aspect you should look at. We can help you to establish the optimal use of energy by finding the right correlations between energy usage and output. We also recommend that you ask yourself how many times you have been told that most of the problems you experience come from the raw materials instability.

Biggest impact

  • Protect your margins by initiating a sustainable productivity drive now.
  • Perform an energy consumption diagnostic and identify the opportunities to reduce usage.
  • Check how much spare capacity you can unlock – without any investment.
  • Learn what truly drives instability in the daily production. Does the data point to raw material quality? Could it be something else that you actually control?