• Master Black Belt GE
  • Professional Chemical Engineer
  • Faculty (Six Sigma) at the GE Management Development Center


  • Chemical Plant Manager
  • Plastics Site Director
  • Director Global Process & Best Practices GE Corporate

My technical background is in chemical engineering, and I have worked primarily in the plastics and oil refining industry segments for General Electric and Gulf Oil. My 25 years of operational management experience have taken me on a number of global assignments around the world in a plant/site manager position. From 1998 onwards, Piet van Abeelen and I provided the corporate leadership for GE’s flagship Six Sigma program. This global program spanned the 13 GE businesses and channelled the combined business process improvement activities of more than 5000 Black Belts. Piet and I then formed R&G Global Consultants to offer this same knowledge, expertise and experience to companies around the world, all equally hungry and eager to improve their financial results through operational and process excellence.

Piet van Abeelen and I provided the corporate leadership for GE´s flagship Six Sigma program.”

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