The two founders of R&G spent a combined total of 52 years at GE Plastics, in R&D, Sales & Marketing and Manufacturing; and Piet van Abeelen served as GE Company Officer and Head of Global Manufacturing for GE Plastics before becoming Corporate Head of Six Sigma. This gives us not only the background of plastics at GE but also afterwards in other plastics companies, since R&G was called on by many former GE executives now in positions in other companies.

How can R&G help

Our operational experience with plastics customers ranges from increasing production output without capital investments and improving on-time delivery to reducing inventories, material cost and labour cost. R&G masters the combination of Business Process Excellence and Plastics.

Biggest impact

  • For products with a large number of formulations (SKUs), operational planning is key to an efficient and cost-effective performance.
  • The planning and the execution need to be perfectly in sync to guarantee a reliable and predictable finished goods flow.
  • Applying Business Process Excellence, R&G examines all aspects of the operation so as to ensure that processes work as designed and outcomes are what they should be whether that’s measured in kg, % in spec or cost.