Unleashing the power of Process Mining

What is process mining

To realize the full potential of information, organizations must develop data strategies, practice data management discipline, use the right tools and start by asking better questionsData driven leadership expands an organisation 2.1 times more aggressively than others have over the past three years; it requires change, building data culture and using the right technology – but how?

Becoming a successful Data Driven Leader can be a bit like trying to do a 10,000 piece jigsaw without a reference picture. You have to govern data quality issues, drive insights across cross-functional entities and basically get a whole load of people in your organisation doing all the necessary work. Often without the operational insight which confirms what’s true. Top floor and shop floor are separated by a middle management layer. End-to-End process visibility doesn’t exist. Statistics aren’t really helpful because most reports are based on averages, so don’t show the true variations in your processes. Data Driven Leadership is about enabling World Class Decision Making and connecting People, but without objective data and process clarity this is a daily struggle for any leader.


With Process Mining, those days are over. R&G implements smarter and faster ways to uncover exactly what’s going on in your processes based on Digital Traces in your ERP system(s). You no longer need to devote weeks, or even months, for discussions with consultants about what your process looks like because R&G can show you that in a matter of days.

Process Mining shows you your ‘As-Is’ Real Process the way it is actually executed as a sequence of events, based on timestamps registered in your IT-systems. The Celonis Process Mining Intelligent Business Cloud puts Big Data to work delivering interactive reports with real time metrics. So you can forget about all those unhelpful averages and KPI gauges and instantly identify where and what action needs to be taken, with pinpoint accuracy, and even automate the remedial process. Our solution also makes in-process recommendations based on machine learning, so that all of your customer orders will be delivered On-Time in Full.

As a global supply chain leading consultancy, R&G connects people with data. We are the proverbial Sherpa’s that guide you up the mountain of Data Driven Success Stories and Business Impact. We guide you to implement the right Supply Chain strategy using the right data, variance-based thinking and the right tools. As a Celonis Certified Partner we can add value by connecting our process optimization methodologies with the power of Process Mining. Together, we’ll utilise Data Driven Leadership to make sure that technology and behaviour are harmoniously aligned, so your organisation fully benefits from the game-changing business impact it is designed to deliver.

We have Use Cases for Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash, Inventory Management, Accounts Payable, Receivable and more.  Based on your own needs, we can show you a data-based business case for how you can get Return on your Data within weeks!


  1. Higher engagement with and ROI from Data Driven Leadership
  2. Cross-Functional support for digital innovation like Celonis Process Mining and Action Engine
  3. Digital Process Insights and standard analyses for On Time Delivery/First Time Right readily available from day one
  4. Data and Process Based Business Cases instantly show where your improvement opportunities lie
  5. Easy and sustainable Continuous Improvement: your trained employees continue to drive Business Impact after project closure