R&G partners with Celonis to further enhance Data Driven Leadership offering

Jacqueline Westmaas
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R&G Global Consultants is pleased to announce it is now a certified partner of Celonis, the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence software. This partnership strengthens R&G’s offering by enhancing its suite of Data Driven Leadership solutions, particularly with regard to reducing time to business impact in primary processes like Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash, Operations and Supply Chain.

R&G Data Driven Leadership solutions equip and guide leaders and their organisations to benefit from data-driven opportunities. Enabling breakthroughs by connecting people, process and data(technology) via continuously improved data quality, analytics, visualisations, fast-paced decision making, focused actions and reliable process execution.

Celonis transforms data into insight and action. Its Intelligent Business Cloud allows organizations to rapidly understand and improve the operational backbone of their businesses. Celonis delivers significant business value by enabling companies to discover inefficiencies across a range of operational functions, helps to improve businesses processes in real time and continually monitor them to ensure optimal performance.

Alexander Lethen, RVP Benelux at Celonis:

We are excited to start our collaboration with R&G, which has an extensive network of clients and a well-known reputation as a global supply chain leading consultancy. R&G will help expand our worldwide reach and people’s access to data. As a Celonis certified partner they will be able to add value by connecting their process optimization methodologies with the power of Process Mining.”

Erik Tieleman, Managing Partner at R&G Global Consultants:

“Process Mining with Celonis saves time “letting the data speak” through a powerful top-rated software solution. More importantly, it is a transformation platform that enables us to power companies with business process excellence, making (cultural) change happen faster, accelerating learning and reducing time to sustainable business impact. We believe the democratisation of insights merged with improving true data-driven leadership capability is a truly winning combination.”


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