What is Stable Ops™

Stable Ops™ is an operating system for manufacturing facilities that mandates a strict control of all variation sources – both in the technical and leadership aspects of production. The resulting low level of variation enables the production staff to spend their time on improvement – specifically, increased asset utilization (capacity) – rather than constantly firefighting the effects of unstable operation. A structural reduction in the variation of the plant output produces a significant spin-off effect in which most other monitored plant KPIs also undergo a similar improvement as a result of more stable operations – cost, safety, product quality, environmental emissions – even the level of stress-related illnesses.


Within 4-6 months of its introduction, the Stable Ops™ operating system produces a 10-15% increase in capacity without any capital investment. Now, not all clients have the market to be able to sell the extra volume. So instead they use the capacity to reduce lead times, reduce inventory levels and reduce cost. There is always a way to make money from creating extra capacity. Equally impressive is the increase in plant morale from having a predictable, reliable operation where the planning actually becomes the reality.


  • Stability factors increase from the baseline values of 60-70% to 95%+.
  • The capacity increases initially by 10-15% and then by a further 10% through technical debottlenecking.
  • The quality improvement is the most profound – reaching levels never previously seen.

Stable Ops™ is one of the management systems R&G offers to improve your Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

Implementing these three methodologies will result in excellent business performance.

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