What is Stable Supply Chain™

Stable Supply Chain™ (SSC) is an operating system and improvement methodology for On Time Delivery (OTD) against the customer requested delivery date with lower inventory and reduced supply costs. To achieve this, the methodology focuses on understanding and elimination of variation in all aspects of the supply chain, from customer order to procurement and delivery. A stable supply chain is reliable and predictable; an agile supply chain that is capable to deliver against the customer requested delivery date that might differ from order to order and from customer to customer. SSC is a structured deployment method based on ten steps and three deliverables at each step.

The combination of Stable Ops™ and Stable Supply Chain™ is a powerful combination. Where Stable Ops™ helps to create free capacity, Stable Supply Chain™ ensures utilizing this free capacity in the best way for the business and for your customers.


The primary impact is felt by the customer in terms of reliability of supply. Performance is measured against customer request not against some committed date. After the project is completed, the focus of the operation is no longer on giving the customer the level of service we can afford but instead on finding better, faster and less expensive ways to give the customer what they want when they want it.


  • Improved Customer satisfaction, less complaints
  • Service levels 95%+ to customer request (98%+ to customer promise)
  • Inventory reduction with 20 – 40%
  • Supply Chain costs down with over 10%
  • Supply Chain operating system to systematically drive further improvements
  • New Supply Chain improvement language

Stable Supply Chain™ is one of the management systems R&G offers to improve your Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

Implementing these three methodologies will result in excellent business performance.

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