Your business needs

As a Supply Chain or Operations leader, you should be aware that there’s huge business value to be harvested from the data in your operational systems. If, despite your best efforts to extract meaningful insights from this data, you don’t seem to be getting them, the chances are you’re trapped in any or all of the following scenarios:

Data access
Your IT systems were probably designed well before the business value of data was acknowledged. Ownership of your data therefore rests with IT, so you are reliant on your IT department to extract it from the various silos it’s stored in. That’s a lengthy and costly exercise. And you may well have come up against objections on the grounds of security and data privacy.

Excel Hell
Your Business and financial analysts may well be locked in ‘Excel Hell’ trying to derive insights from the data they have been provided with. In addition to the fact that spreadsheets are incredibly susceptible to errors, with 9 out of 10 probably containing them, creating an approved management report typically takes around 89 hours and ties up 8 people in the process. To give one example of the detrimental impact, one company on Wall Street’s practice of copy-pasting data and linking Excel sheets led to a 6 billion dollar trading loss because of a cut-and-paste mistake by a data modeler.

Technology Focus
In an attempt to improve capabilities, you may have purchased data mining tools that promise great results. But your IT people’s lack of data analysis knowledge means they don’t know how to use these tools properly and no tangible difference is being realised.

If any of these situations apply to you, you’re settling for significantly lower quantity and quality data than you need to get the business results you want.

Our answer

We fill the technology and knowledge gaps that enable comprehensive data mining and the ability to properly analyse it. We’ve got the right data tools to extract everything that’s needed, blend data from different sources and present clear analysis visualisations. And we’ve got the people to put these tools to work and train your own staff in using them. So you get fast results now, together with a sustainable way forward. And a fact-based story to share.

Our work starts with digging into your dataset, with a laser-sharp focus on detail. We then apply our unique capabilities to unlocking your data goldmine and revealing the insights which are relevant to your business. This provides transparency and opportunities to view from different perspectives. By bridging these perspectives with data to enact change, we shift your paradigms on process performance by using granular insights based on process variation. We therefore don’t look at averages or aggregated data, but at every individual data point from the physical process to see whether your current process is performing according to your own set standards.

Working this way results in opportunities for improvement readily showing themselves, so you finally unlock the Return on Data your business needs.