Your business needs

Having a consistent, strategically aligned culture that spans the entirety of your organisation is immensely valuable. When leaders all speak the same language and everybody derives the same meaning from their instructions, productivity hits an optimal sweet spot.

Despite awareness of this ideal and the desire to achieve it, a great many organisations can’t shake off the ‘say-do’ gap. A marked disconnection between leaders, employees and departments results in loss of focus on business goals. If this sounds familiar, there’s a high chance you’re trapped in any or all of the following scenarios:

Outdated people management
As organisational structures evolve with different technology, working practices and demands, the behavioural change which needs to happen alongside often doesn’t materialise. Despite updating tools and procedures, many companies’ productivity is still held back because people’s minds are stuck in a past era legacy.

Instead of being empowered and accountable, as today’s workforce expects and today’s organisational set-ups require, employees are being drip-fed demands from on high. Leaders are not providing sufficient clarity about roles, responsibilities and expectations. This hinders ability to channel energy and/or focus and results in the workforce becoming overwhelmed.

Silo mentality
Optimal productivity requires excellent synergy and efficiency between different functional areas and business units. Even though updated organisational models respect this, people are often still too focussed on their own deliverables and disconnected from the overarching business purpose. Either because it hasn’t been communicated or, sometimes, because it hasn’t even been defined. Employees at every level have no sense of being part of a collective consciousness. This often leads to resources being wasted and opportunities for improvement being missed. While nobody even realises.

Initiative overload
The determination to chase improvements leads many companies to purchase fancy new IT tools and launch endless streams of new projects. All too often, without any consideration for whether the relevant workforce is capable of taking on yet more initiatives. And even more concerning, without any oversight of what impact all these initiatives actually produce.

This typically creates a logjam which does more to hinder productivity than help it. A situation which could be avoided through leaders discussing objectives with employees and taking on board their perspectives of what they feel is helpful and practical vs obstructive and unnecessary.

Our answer

Eliminating the say-do gap, so everyone understands their role in the bigger picture and instinctively pulls in the same direction, requires cultural transformation led from the top. Leaders themselves need to demonstrate the desired behaviour and enable it to propagate through the workforce.

We’ll ensure this transformation is a fully integrated part of your Business Process Improvement project, so everything progresses in synergy. Together with you, we’ll co-create a journey that’s aligned with a clear vision and mission, so the behaviour which supports these becomes visible throughout the entire organisation. Because success depends on strong ownership and support from the top leadership team, we’ll draw up a leadership contract to be signed by all key players at the start of the project. This contract will serve as the compass during the cultural transformation journey.

Our work starts with an exploration phase during which we’ll discover where energy exists within your organisation but is being stifled, while gathering deep insights into what makes it tick and obtaining transparent viewpoints of opportunities from different perspectives. We’ll then enact change by applying our process excellence expertise to bridging these perspectives and shifting your paradigms on all organisational levels.

Cultural change takes time. By exploring the path together with your organisation’s key players, we’ll eventually arrive at a sustainable solution for capitalising on its future.

Our solutions

  • Cultural Transformation Tools – including Value based survey
  • Triple A
  • Team coaching and individual coaching (with Hogan, Lumina, Insights, etc)
  • Accountability & Feedback
  • Leadership Essentials workshops
  • Safety & Operational Leadership