Technical services

Through our consultancy work at some major players in the field of technical services, R&G has gained a deep understanding of the key challenges in this segment, including: implementing full-service contracts, changing project financing needs and risk-sharing, performance-based payment, technical & project management skills availability and mastering collaboration with multiple consortium partners.

How can R&G help

In this context, our experience ranges from helping our clients to reduce the required working capital to labour productivity, project lead time reduction, margin optimisation. In parallel to this, we have helped our clients build or expand their own continuous improvement capabilities.

Biggest impact

We find that two major processes impact results in technical services:

  • The RFP bidding: this process is about creating a differentiated offering that responds to all the customers’ needs and provides an acceptable return.
  • The execution after contract award: even if the contract structure is designed for success, it still needs flawless execution.

We can help identify the process risks – and fix them during the bidding.