Transportation & logistics

Our clients in the Transport & Logistics industry, as well as our industrial clients in their Transport & Logistics function, are served by a team of R&G experts with direct experience in improving On-Time-In-Full performance as well as reducing inventory, warehousing space and cost of transport, logistics and labour. R&G’s senior consultants have managed regional or global warehouses and have directed transportation, supply chain and planning functions.

How can R&G help

A survey that we have done at a European level showed that Supply Chain and Logistics Managers prioritized service, cost and deliveries from production. A high percentage of them were persuaded that they could improve service performance or they could reduce inventory levels and costs, but not both at the same time. The good news is that both can be done at the same time with an understanding of process variability.

Biggest impact

  • Optimise routing and minimise transportation costs.
  • Increase your efficiency and reduce warehouse space, inventories and handling costs.
  • Improve service in accordance with your customers’ desires, by delivering what they want when they want it.