Utilities, whether they are in the public or (semi)private sector, have a unique challenge in meeting their obligations to the customers and the communities they serve. They are required to deliver a service that has quantified minimum levels for integrity, reliability and public safety and, in addition, they are required to manage the cost to the minimum possible with the technology used. That means no short term fixes, no trade-offs and no managing the consequences of failures. Equipment and process design is of course of paramount importance but, once that is in place, Process Excellence and Flawless Execution is what the stakeholders demand every day from the organisation.

How can R&G help

R&G has unparalleled experience in the practical application of Business Process Excellence and Flawless Execution. The combination of speed, uncompromised rigor and zero waste is the key to our methods. Cost is just the consequence of the process chosen and the execution efficiency. We can help on both counts by redesigning the process to eliminate potential issues and then by ensuring the execution meets the process entitlement.

Biggest impact

  • The first requisite is to have a measurement system that allows for proactive and diagnostic intervention. A scorecard is essential, but it is only a periodic measurement after the fact that provides little to no diagnostic information.
  • We can baseline performance, and, using smart metrics, we can identify actions and changes to lower costs as well as improving the reliability and integrity of the process.