Know our history and culture

R&G is a consultancy company based in Europe and the US specialized in helping clients achieve surprising results through the implementation of structural changes that create a level of process excellence in their key business processes.

GE Grants R&G Global Consultants License to Lean/Six Sigma Materials

R&G was founded in 2004 by the GE executives who were responsible for the strategic development, deployment and management of Lean Six Sigma in GE. This global initiative is widely acclaimed as one of the most successful transformational implementations of Business Process Excellence anywhere. It was largely responsible for GE increasing its operating margin from 10% to 16% in a 5 year period.

Meeting the challenges of getting 13 core businesses (100,000 professionals) to unite around a common methodology, a common language and a common set of values was unique and transformational. Many of the operational projects that produced this significant business impact have become textbook case studies on how to attain process excellence at a business unit level.

R&G has a license from GE to market, use and sell the IP associated with Business Process Excellence. This includes Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing as well as the Change Management Programs. These IP materials are available in 13 languages.

Offering consultancy support worldwide

With offices in USA, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Spain, R&G Global Consultants has an international presence that allows us to offer consultancy support on the ground at your facilities. We offer not just analysis, assessments and recommendations: rather together with the client team, we help to implement the solution in practice and validate the benefits.

The founding members of the company continue to be involved at an operational level, and all the R&G partners and consultants have backgrounds in operational leadership and plant management.

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