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Are you postponing an important task today with a deadline in the near future? Do you experience the last minute stress for meeting the deadline? Why do we finalize the action during the last day, where you had a time frame for a whole month? Why not act today to prevent deadline stress in the future.

We all know how it works. Our society is setting high-level expectations. Within this bucket of overload of initiatives and priorities, we need to pick and choose. How do you define your personal focus? Discover what is driving you in life. Find out your three key areas supporting your personal drive. These three key areas will help you in setting your priorities for the future. This is needed in order to reach operational excellence.

Lining up what is important is just a first step for bringing your key cross-functional KPI’s to a success. With all hectic around us, we tend to hide in other less important tasks. In these details, you can be very busy, which is in fact just a buzzword and buzz approach in life. We need to be busy, otherwise you are not being perceived as successful. However, being busy is not the same as being successful.

So what is needed for shifting from being busy to being successful? In order to be successful in the future, we need to change our natural habits. We need to be honest if our day-to-day actions are in line with what is important for us in life in line with our priorities. Postponing is not an option. Just do it today and it will result in satisfaction, energy and pride. This positive energy will liaise more attractiveness for changing our natural habits; it will become fun to do.

The same approach of the past will bring the same result as in the past. Success requires creativity. By applying creativity, new ways of working are being used. New ways of working will generate other approaches with a better result. It takes guts to explore new natural habits, to link commitment to creativity for bringing successes for the future. Than we enter the area of accountability.

Being accountable is my personal pitfall. I tend to take over accountability of others. This will keep me busy but not make me successful. By being inspiring to others for being accountable, the others will own the topic while I remain having time of being even more inspiring and so being successful.

As R&G we support our clients in deriving out of the strategy execution, the key cross-functional KPI’s, actions and commitment, hence setting priority. Through our Triple-A solution, we act out of accountability where creativity is being used to move from the defence modus. The action performed today will show real sincere commitment, generate first small success and lead to positive energy. Will your journey to operational excellence start today?

Frank Oudshoorn is Business Process Consultant at R&G Global Consultants in The Netherlands.

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